Maybe I'll Be Back Someday After My Holiday.♥

Rebecca. Junior. Marching band. All Time Low, Boys Like Girls. Pierce the Veil. Panic! at the Disco. Fall Out Boy. Doctor Who. Supernatural. Spider-Man. Hi. This is me. This is a pretty unorganized blog so uh yeah. I'm really awkward, and I laugh at way too many things. I post a lot so yeah don't be surprised at the amount of me all over your dash.



every year after you turn 17 you get further away from being the age of the dancing queen and that’s my least favorite thing about growing up

ah but when you turn 34 you’re two dancing queens and thus having twice the time of your life. and at 51 you become the dancing triumvirate and three golden crowns are forged in your honor

lots to look forward to

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― Alan Cohen (via psych-quotes)

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Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.


i would pay like $7 and one of my family members to be attractive

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when your favorite character diesimage

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my tumblr clique is just me

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when my post with a typo in it gets tons of notes 


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